Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 2013 Piano Recital

If you've ever sat through your own child's piano recital, you know the relief you feel when it is over and they've done a good job.  I know they feel relieved too, but I think it's worse for the parent.  Selfish?  I don't think so.  Sometimes I tell the kids they don't have to worry because I'll worry for them-- then they can just relax and play well.
Now imagine that feeling 24 times over and you'll understand why I slept very well last night after our spring recital was over.  This picture is missing three of my students who had to leave early.  They all played very well and I was so proud of them.
We had a theme of folk songs from around the world.  The first song I chose for them and then their second song was their choice of a song they have played since the last recital.
 Elinor played "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" and Mexican Hat Dance.  She did them both memorized and beautifully.
Clark played "Maple Leaf Rag" and "Mission Impossible".  It's probably about time for Clark to move onto another, more advanced teacher.  In his own words, "Mom, having you as my piano teacher is kind of like being a grown up and still living in your basement.  I'm not really out in the real world."
Fair enough.  Although you do in fact live in my basement and are not in the real world.  And you're home-schooled to boot! But I think I hear what your saying. 
Truthfully, I'd love for him to take from another teacher who can really push him and challenge him, but he'll have to decide if he wants to put in more effort.
Bethany played a very fun "Alouette" and "The Legend of Madrid".  She played beautifully and had hers memorized as well.  And she had to do double duty because she played a Vivaldi concerto on her violin as well.  Her new teacher hasn't done a recital and I'm not sure if he plans to, so we took matters into our own hands!  I'm mean that way.
It really is almost painful how cute these little girls are.  They all did great!  Faith played "The Galway Piper" and "The Greatest Show on Earth"-- memorized and with no mistakes.  She does a great job of practicing and it paid off.
I have no lessons to teach this week.  We can all use the break, but can you believe that they all were drawn to the piano like moths to the flame today.  And this was me, "GET OFF THE PIANO!  I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THE PIANO AT ALL TODAY!"
 I just couldn't take it. 


Amy F. said...

I'm so proud of you and your kids. It is tough work to do all that practicing! I love the song "Maple Leaf Rag" and the bit about Clark living in your basement was a hoot. We get to see you in a month! Yeah!!

Gabrielle Kim said...

What an amazingly cute and talented bunch of kids these all are! I honestly love them all (okay 3 of them I don't know, but I assume they are wonderful too)! It was a really fun recital and I shared in that sigh of relief after!
Thank you Betsy for all of the time and enegry you put into teaching Isabelle! I think she will remember you for many years to come as and I quote "her nicest teacher ever"!

vanessa said...

I remember all those girls! They used to play with Abby. I wish you could teach my girls to play, I also wish I had a piano.