Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Legacy

The trombone legacy lives on!
This makes me very happy.  Elinor has started her summer band program and she is diligently practicing.  It helps that she has her own built in private teacher at home.  She was signed up for the beginning never-played-before class.  But in the whole first hour they learned to put their instrument together and play a note.  I told the teacher she needed to be in the intermediate class and I'd just help her a lot at home.
I guess it's the homeschooler in me.
Look what I found at a garage sale this weekend!!
SCHOOL DESKS!!  They were 5 bucks each so I figured if the kids didn't like them I could probably sell them or just get rid of them.  But so far this kids are loving them.  They are quite sturdy and comfortable.  We are on summer break and so the kids have a very lightened school load.  They must do a bit of math and read for an hour.  All three waited until late at night to get their math done, so here they are.  Sometimes they are more cooperative at night than during the day.
Even the little boys like to sit in them to watch their episodes of the Magic School Bus.
They also discovered it was fun to jump across the tops of them, but I had to put an end to that.  My public school past forbids such behavior.
The little kids had a play dough afternoon and this is what Faith came up with.  The green antenna things are corn on the cob pokers.  Another thing I really like, although I find a little freaky, is Faith's arm muscles.  She is working so hard on building up her strength so she can do her aerial.  She is doing 150 back handsprings in sets of five every day.  Pound for pound she is by far the strongest member of the family.  Freaky strong.

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Amy F. said...

How fun! We would love to have real school desks! Lucky kids!