Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Science Camp-- Reptiles and Amphibians

Recently I encouraged Clark to come up with some sort of business idea to make some money with his large reptile collection and extensive natural science knowledge.  We thought about it and came up with the idea for him to host three different 2 hour summer science camps. The first one is reptiles and amphibians, second is rocks and volcanoes, and third will be creepy crawlies (worms, spiders, insects).  Each camp will be complete with a snack and craft and handling animals or experiments.
He planned out what he would do at each one and I helped him send out the info to everyone we could think of that had kids ages 4-8 who might be interested.  
And they came!  Clark was so happy to have people sign up.  It's a scary thing to put yourself out there like that whether your 13 or 35!  
He had eleven kids for his first camp and it was just right.
And I must admit, I was one proud mama!  He spent hours preparing his teaching time.  He talked about what makes a reptile and an amphibian, different types of reptiles and amphibians, their defenses, and where they live.  He did a great job.
He was so well prepared and the kids loved answering the questions.
But it just got better and better.  They got excited when they got to touch the snake skins.
They went crazy went they got to touch a real rattle from a dead rattlesnake that Clark cut off himself at Scout camp.
 Then came the fun part of getting to hold garter snakes.  Amazingly no one was scared or freaking out.  Maybe that's only adults.
Cannon is kind of an old pro.  In fact, I think he caught one of the snakes himself.
Here are the fire-bellied toads.
The slider turtle outside.
Here are our snakes on sticks for our snack.
Our clothes pin alligator they made for a craft.  
Everyone was able to make one and they turned out quite well if I do say so.
George even insisted on doing his by himself.  I think the blue shirt is probably toast since it's now covered in green paint, but I appreciated the "can-do" attitude.  Truthfully, I think I saw some green paint in his hair as I got him ready for church today.
This was a good experience for Clark.  He and Bethany worked together-- he did most of the teaching, Bethany was more in charge of the craft and snack.  Don't worry, Bethany gets a cut of the profits.  They are thrilled to be able to make some money doing something they enjoy so much.  
If you want in on the remaining two camps, the dates are July 13th and August 24th. 


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Amy F. said...

That is so cool!! I wish we lived close! My kids would love to attend! Clark is seriously knowledgeable about this subject!