Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Clark!

Clark regularly celebrates his birthday during a Fox Family Reunion.  This year we produced the absolute worst rendition of "Happy Birthday" I have ever heard.  Really, really ugly.  We neither started nor ended together.  No two people sang in the same key and we were not together at any point in between.  This from a rather musically talented family.  It was an accomplishment.
This picture is probably a little too accurate.
Kid mayhem in the bounce-house.
An afternoon temple trip.
Precious time with cousins.
 Faith went hiking with some cousins her age and their Moms.
As the reunion died down there was a little more time to catch up.

We enjoyed a fun game of Fox Family Jeopardy and then the reunion officially ended.  Although we're still here for a couple more days.  

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Krista said...

It was so great to see you at Walmart before you trip! I am glad you had a great fourth. I don't always leave comments but I LOVE reading your blog! Your family is wonderful, you are darling, and I miss you guys!