Monday, July 15, 2013

How Did We Get Here Already?

Bethany left this morning for her first year of Girl's Camp.  She was so excited and happy to be going with friends.  I'm accustomed to Clark leaving for various camps, but my Bethany has never left me before.  Poor Faith didn't quite know what to do with herself today without Bethany.  I think Elinor is perfectly fine to be the oldest at home for a little while.
Bethany wasn't feeling very well in the days leading up to camp, but I think she was good to go by the time she went.  My good friend, Jenn (in green) is our camp leader and I am so thankful for her willingness to go and helping to provide such an opportunity for Bethany.
And Bethany may have been morbidly embarrassed by her father getting on the bus to take yet another picture, but at least she knows he loves her!
And Clark, who is now 14, had his first day of EFY (Especially For Youth) at UVU today in Orem.  He'll be sleeping at home but will spend everyday this week from 9-9 with awesome youth, leaders, speakers, activities and dances.  He gave me a super big hug when he got home this evening.  Oh, yes, I think this will be money well spent.

And I am left pondering how Abe and I can possibly have children old enough for EFY and Girls' Camp? And here's the best thing of all this week.
Clark was ordained to the office of Teacher on Sunday.  We are so happy for him and this newest milestone.  

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Amy F. said...

Our kids are growing up!