Monday, July 22, 2013

The Angriest Bird Ever

This robin red-breast has a lovely nest with a baby bird in it in our big cottonwood tree.

It hates our whole family.  I've never seen an angrier bird in all my life.  Anytime we're in the front yard it just screams at us and agressively swoops down trying to peck our eyes out.  We went outside to do fireworks this evening and the kids were telling Abe about it.
Abe went over to take a picture of it...
...and the maniacal bird flew down to attack Abe!
 It makes me wonder if this is one of those birds (like some people) that moves trees every year; constantly getting in fights with the tree owners.  Each year he finds a new tree, thinking this tree will be the one, only to find he hates the people there as well.
To be honest, I have always loved to find a bird has taken up residence in our trees, but I'd kind of like this robin to move on.  He frightens the children.
  We did fireworks for family home evening tonight.  It was a great success.
Here is what I love so much about family fireworks night--
It's all Abe's gig.
He buys them, he prepares the trash bucket, he hands the fireworks out, fields all the grabby hands and requests, he lights them, and he cleans them all up.  I just sit and watch.  Sometimes after long days of telling children what to do all day it is a marvelous treat to pass off any and all responsibility to the dad.
It is one of our family's gifts/curses to be able screech/scream/squeal at outrageously high pitches from infancy well into adolescence.  What did we do to deserve such a gift?  Who knows.  But every year at our little fireworks show the children scream along with the Piccolo Petes so loudly that we can't even tell when the firework ends and it's just our screaming remaining.  What joy!
It is a brave thing for a little guy to hold a sparkler.
Clark would prefer not to take on that responsibility-- too risky.
AH-HA!!!  Victory!
Well, now.  That's just fun!

Now for a story in pictures.  There will be no commentary, except to say that Bethany has been so sick for the past 2 1/2 weeks that I am relieved to see her behaving a little more normal.  See for yourself.

Isn't she just a sweetheart?
We're so glad to have her back.


Amy F. said...

We are laughing so hard at your children's piccolo pete shot. They all look like they are screaming and loving it. I hope the neighbors had earplugs. Haha. Love you guys!

Schramm Family said...

Maybe Keith could help with the bird. It may not be totally legal..... Fine, forget I said anything. Call animal control?