Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Night, Living Large

It's nearing 8:30 p.m. on a Friday night nearing Halloween.  Shouldn't we be at  rocking costume party?  A game night with friends?  A hot date with Abe?  Carving pumpkins?  Visiting any of the wonderful family friendly Halloween activities around town?  Any thing fun?  At all?

No, it wasn't to be this evening.  First off, my good, hardworking husband is off doing good and working hard.  I am so thankful.   In the meantime, my evening consisted of three activities I had previously sworn I would never do on a Friday night, because they weren't good for my mental health.

1.  I went to Walmart on Friday night.  Again.  I'm like a moth to the flame.  I just can't stay away.  Even though I know I won't like it, I keep going back.  Walmart on a Friday night is depressing.  You may as well wear a sign around your neck stating, "I have no life."
Oh, I know I have a life-- quite happy and fulfilling--but you know what I mean.
I don't like going to Walmart on a Friday night.

2.  We attempted to get everyone done with all schoolwork and practicing on the early side today so we could relax and enjoy our afternoon and evening.  That was a very good plan for Clark and Bethany because they are very independent.  It didn't work out so well for the Elinor, Faith and Cannon who all need more one-on-one mom time.  So we spent some time this evening catching Elinor up with science and Faith and Cannon doing practicing.  This was after we (I) had been quite busy all day working with kids.  Just not enough hours in the day.  Or too much to do.  Or too many children.  Or a combination of all three. 
I don't like doing school work on a Friday night.

3.  Clark has swim team workouts hours before the crack of dawn every day of the week.  He begins at either 5:15 AM or 6:00 AM every weekday.  We do carpool, but even still, either Abe or I have to drive him the 10-15 minutes there and back.  After thinking it over and smoking some crack, I decided that I would get a three month membership to the rec center where he practices and get some good exercise in while he works out.  Today was the first day of Operation: Be Tired Every Day. 
Believe it or not it wasn't too bad today.  This coming from the girl who H.A.T.E.D early morning seminary.  "Hate" really isn't strong enough.  Loathe... abhor...detest... despise.  Too strong?  I don't think so.  You must understand that for most of my life I have had a very hard time getting up in the morning.  It's genetic, so I don't entirely blame myself.  But at the age of 36 I am finally disciplined enough to get myself out walking by 7:00 AM each morning.  I am seriously upping the ante with a 4:45 wake up call. 
However, this morning I did it!  And like I said, I felt pretty good and even enjoyed myself at a 5:30 Zumba class.  After a year of "letting myself go" after the marathon, I 'm ready to get back on the wagon, be a good girl, not eat like a line-backer.
Except I was so bummed about the trip to Walmart and the school work on a Friday night that I made a big 'ole batch of caramel popcorn and had at it.  Blah.  A 4:45 AM wake up call... WASTED!
I don't like a sugar binge on a Friday night.
*sorry to break my rule about not telling people what naughty things I've eaten.  I know no one cares but me.  But it is my blog, afterall.

By the way, the Halloween costumes did get done this week, thanks to a good friend and her sewing machines.
Here I am, operating a sewing machine-- and a serger at that!  Let me say this.  I am not a seamstress, but sewing is on my list of things I'd like to become proficient at someday.  My mom enjoyed sewing.  I am her daughter.  I do believe it is lying dormant in me.  And someday I'll wake up and say, "Today is the day I will learn to sew." And my mother's spirit will overcome me and I'll be proficient.  That's my plan.  It's good, no?
My point is that when that day comes that my mother comes to me and tells me it is time for me to learn to sew, the first thing I will do is take myself to the store and purchase a REALLY NICE sewing machine.  It makes a big difference.  It was downright enjoyable to use Andrea's nice seweing machines.  Like macaroni and cheese, there are somethings you shouldn't skimp on.
  The second thing I will do is call Andrea to help me.  She was a very patient teacher as we worked on costumes.
She taught Bethany, who really has much more of the spirit of my mom about her anyway.  She's rather a crafty little thing.  Crafty in a good way.  Andrea must have sensed more sewing potential in Bethany than in me and knew where to focus her teaching energy.
George was mesmerized by the magnetic pin holder and the magnetic tip of the tape measure. 
I offer you this parting photograph.  This is a french braid that I did on Bethany's hair.
I can be taught.  And if I can be taught to french braid at the age of 36.  Then I can learn to sew someday as well. 

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Vanessa Brown said...

Yes you are forbidden to do #1 and #2 again. Also sewing is on my list to do one day. One day that is very very far away.