Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

And now for the unveiling of Halloween 2013-- Greek Gods and Goddesses.
 Here's who we all are--
Abe-- Zeus (God of the sky), Betsy--Hera (Goddess of marriage), Clark--Poseidon (God of the sea), Bethany-- Aphrodite (Goddess of love and beauty), Elinor-- Athena (Goddess of wisdom), Faith-- Artemis (Goddess of the hunt), Cannon-- Hermes (God of travel and communication), and George-- Ares (God of war).
I was feeling a little bummed that we didn't really have any events to wear our costumes to as a family this Halloween season, so we decided to host our own Halloween gathering for homeschooling friends today.
That, and Faith got sick last week before a Halloween activity at church and we felt sorry for her and told her we'd host our own party.  Here she is the night of the missed activity-- looking a little green.
Clark and his friend, London the Minecraft Creeper.
Some of the ladies.

We are missing one of the moms in this picture-- she was taking care of a little one.
We went on a parade to the park.
 Is it a real parade if there's no one to cheer for you?
I can't remember the last time we had such beautiful mild weather for Halloween.  I'll take it!
We played musical chairs-- first with the little kids.
As we proved today, you're never too old to enjoy musical chairs.  And as you get older, the less rules and more violence, the better.  
The music for the Mom's Round was Thriller.  I was dancing.
Gabrielle was victorious, as was her daughter in her round, and her niece in her round, and her nephew in his round.  There is a very strong musical chairs gene in that family.
The men's only round was very competitive. 
It turned into more of a wrestling match, but it was very entertaining to watch.
In the girl's only round it came down to Athena and Aphrodite.
They were both in it to win it.
It was close..
...but not that close!  Athena was the clear winner!
As far as I'm concerned, this was the scariest sight I've seen this Halloween-- Clark"s friend London turned 16 and has hot new wheels!  My son in a car with a friend driving.  Eeek!  Time is passing quickly.
I guess the teenage boys hanging out in the front yard looked like trouble because two cop cars came to our house to question why they weren't in school.  He further questioned them when they replied that they were homeschooled and having a Halloween party, "So if I called Riverton High School they wouldn't know about you?"  Abe went out and assured them that all was well.
We all got quite a kick out of it and wonder which of our conscientious neighbors we have to thank for the visit from the police.  We homeschooling mothers were bummed we missed out on a learning opportunity for our younger kids to meet and talk to a real policeman! 
Fun to share Halloween with good friends.
And once again, thanks to Andrea for the huge help with the costumes.  The good news is, we have our costumes all figured out for next year-- we'll be an angel choir!


Kajsa Pace said...

As always, these are fantastic! I especially love all the little details in each costume.

Gabrielle Kim said...

Thanks so much for the fun party! You're costumes were so great - I can't wait to see the angel choir next year!

christini yogini said...

Amazing, excellent, funny!!!! Wish I could have been there!! xo