Sunday, October 13, 2013

Loving Me Some Fall

We've paid a couple of visits to Gardner Village this fall for the Witch Festival.  Cannon had a grand time with his good buddy.
And conveniently, Faith is great friends with the older sister.
The girls spent an afternoon creating Halloween costumes for their stuffed animals.  The mad-scientist bear, "Kanga-Boo", Kitty-the-Witch, and "Her Royal Highness Dinosaur".
 We went on a very lovely nature hike to enjoy the fall colors.  We missed Abe because he was working and Clark, who was with friends doing a big capture the flag/battle-guard game.
Elinor looking pretty by some pretty leaves.
 Faith was George's buddy and she helped him with a very respectable acorn collection.  George is currently inseparable from his brown lunch bag of acorns.  
And just for tradition's sake, we did find a snake on our hike.
The kids are not dreaming of summer in this picture.  Rather, they are encouraging Abe and I to take a trip to Hawaii in the New Year with Abe's work.  This makes me nervous to leave for so long and be so far away.  They were trying to tempt me to go.
As much as I'm opposed to "selfies", Clark and I had to document our surreptitious trip to Arctic Circle for our annual treat of a pumpkin pie milkshake.  We swore an oath of secrecy (not to tell the other kids).  I guess I'm breaking our oath.
I suppose I felt guilty the day after the pumpkin pie shake run, so while shopping for swimsuits at Scheels, I treated the girls and I to a ride on the indoor Ferris wheel.  
Happy Birthday, Clark!  
Actually, Clark's birthday is in July, but between our trip to Spokane and his many week-long camp-outs this summer, we forgot to give him presents.  Oops.  We made up for it last weekend.  A new skateboard, the latest Michael Vey book, and a new swimsuit.
Now that is one lucky mom.  I love it when they do "Mom Spa Day".  And during General Conference, no less.  That is really living.
Elinor was my stylist and I think I look quite fetching.  Abe obviously finds me fetching as well.
Cannon (in the blue hoodie) had his last soccer game this week.  I cannot say that I'm sad.  I found it funny/obnoxious when I overheard him trash talking his coach about his University of Utah shirt. 

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