Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Dream Come True

Last Tuesday I went to lunch with my friend Andrea.  She said she wanted to go to New York for the weekend and did I want to go with her?  I think she thought it was a shot in the dark that I'd say yes-- seeing as how I don't like flying, I don't like to leave my kids, and I have a schedule that makes me dizzy to think about.
But I said YES!  For a day and a half I coordinated the logistics of leaving this busy family for 2 1/2 days and then Thursday morning we were off.  Because there was such short notice I didn't have much time to get nervous about flying or leaving the kids.
And actually, because I've flown more this year than I have for many years, I think I'm overcoming my fears.
A picture of me with a nutcracker for George.  He likes nutcrackers.
Thursday night we went to see Big Fish the musical on Broadway.  I have seen the movie and both Abe and I loved it.  The play did not disappoint-- I laughed and cried and was quite touched.  It was fantastic.
Friday morning we decided to be silly and go to the Today Show Plaza.  Here's the thing, I have had a fantasy to be on the Today Show since I was a kid.  I blame my mother-- she got an autographed picture of Willard Scott when I was a young girl.  One day I realized that if I were ever on the Today Show it would probably be for a bad reason, so I sort of gave up the dream.  But given the opportunity on this trip, my dream was resurrected.  There weren't any good spots to stand and we weren't going to actually get on TV, so we didn't stay long, but it was fun anyway.
We didn't ice skate, but it was a beautiful sight.
When we left the Today Show it was too early for the stores to open and it was really cold outside so we went to St. Patricks Cathedral and attended an early morning mass.  This was a lovely Nativity except that Baby Jesus is missing from the manger.  That was upsetting.
Our first store was the American Girl store.  It was mesmerizing.  As we were waiting to go in I called Bethany and had Abe wake her up so she could be on the phone with me as I walked in.  She has loved these dolls for her whole young life, even though she's never had a "real"one.  I did bring her home the violin set.  I told her on the phone that it was best she wasn't with me as it would likely be too painful with how adorable everything was.
At 10:00am we had tickets to the Rockette's Christmas show.  It was such fun and made me forget what time period I live in.  It was a classic.
We had amazing seats which made it that much more spectacular.
The pedicab ride through Central Park was fun and memorable.
Neither Andrea nor I are fans of the TV show Friends, but it seemed appropriate to take our picture in front of the fountain in the opening credits of the show.
I just googled it and it's an urban myth.  This is not the Friends fountain.  We were duped, along with many others.  This is just us in front of some fountain in Central Park.

Friday night we went to see Mama Mia and it was way too much fun.  And yet, I cried in that one too.  Live theater really gets to me.
Saturday morning we caught an early flight home and I was back with my people by 11:30am.  I'll tell you what-- a weekend trip to NYC does wonders for the stress level in December! Thank you, Andrea.
Then Saturday night we met together again for our Christmas book club.  The kids do a small gift exchange, which was almost tear-free.
George sensed real injustice when he had to wait his turn to pick a gift.  He didn't understand that going last was actually the best position to be in.
We traditionally do a book exchange.  The young man on the far right was the lucky recipient of The History of West Jordan that Abe brought for his book.  Lucky!

There have been times when I've felt I didn't deserve something bad that happened in my life.  But I guess it goes both ways, because I am sure I did not deserve to go on a fun trip like this and do not deserve to have such wonderful people in my life.  But I am most grateful.

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Amy F. said...

You do deserve such a great trip! How fun, and what nice friends you have.