Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bethany Hijacked the Camera

Occasionally the children will hijack the camera or video camera and take all sorts of unattractive photos of themselves.
I've told them what might happen to such pictures.  Perhaps they didn't believe me.  And it's a shame-- after all these years they really should believe me.
So proud.
Isn't she lovely?
Such a vision.
I have such high hopes for her.
I'm sorry, Sweetheart, but you give me such great material.
But besides taking such charming self-photos, you do some other pretty remarkable things as well.  Last weekend you and your friend were pure genius as you entertained a group of nine 7-8 year old little girls.  Faith hosted a little girls' night and you taught everyone how to make Bendy Dolls with pipe cleaners and thread.  No easy feat!
They were inundating you with questions and you were endlessly patient and in control of things.  You will be a marvelous mother someday.
Faith is very blessed to have you for a second mother.
And she's also pretty blessed to have such a sweet group of friends in the neighborhood.
Here's another thing you're pretty good at.
You had your first orchestra concert a couple of weeks back and it was so great to hear you play with a group.  I know I "encourage" you pretty strongly at times, but your hard work is paying off and it is a joy to see and hear.
I love you, my Bethany.  I love to see you loving to crochet, write poetry, play music, sew, babysit children, bake, and all sorts of lovely womanly arts.
And you've got a great sense of humor as well.


Ali said...

I think her Grandma Allie would be pretty proud!

Gabrielle Kim said...

Bethany is awesome. Period.