Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Morning 2013

We gathered on our bed right around 6:00 AM.
Lining up youngest to oldest for the procession downstairs.
Everybody checking out their haul.
My friend helped me to sew personalized pillow cases for all the kids and they were a BIG hit.  George loved his monster pillow case.
I like Faith's crazy Christmas morning eyes.
Legos ruled the day for Cannon.  Faith got some Friends Legos as well.  At the bottom is the picture book of "What Does the Fox Say?"  Hee hee.
Clark asked for and was granted a high black leather (faux leather) office chair, nice pens, and mechanical pencils.  Everyone's Christmas wishes should be granted-- no matter how geeky they may be!
The nerf girlie bow and arrows were very much appreciated and played with today.
Aliyah had a good morning of princess toys and dress-ups. 
Last night as the candy and fun and lack of sleep started accumulating I made the prediction that within 24 hours at least one child would throw-up. 
I received a text from Matt a few hours ago informing me that sadly, Aliyah was the victim of my prediction.  Sadness.
The Christmas morning remote control car tradition.  They will not last more than a week tops, but they are great fun until the sad moment that they cease functioning.
New scooters all around (except Clark).  When Razor scooters first came out many years ago I thought they were such a silly fad that would die out quickly.  I was totally wrong and my kids have used and abused theirs for years and it was replacement time for the older kids and new ones for the little ones.
Clark got his first cell phone.  The girls were almost as thrilled as he is with this hope they too might get their own phone someday.  The sad/funny thing was Abe had purchased it several weeks back and stored it away in our closet with the rest of the gifts.  One day I was teaching a piano lesson downstairs and Clark was working on school work in my room when the phone started ringing. 
I know we should have turned it off, but we didn't think anyone would call.
He came downstairs asking why this phone was ringing in the closet.  So much for the element of surprise.
Bethany has been one happy camper today.  She got my old, seldom used sewing machine, her own fully stocked sewing basket and sewing lessons to start in the new year.  My good friend and  Bethany's crafting mentor was instrumental in helping me get everything she'll need.  Today she has been sewing headbands for all the girls in our home.
I love Christmas Eve and the wonderful spirit we feel, the anticipation, the joy of being with family, the climax and culmination of the all the excitement of the season. 
But Christmas day is so marvelous; it's like being on drugs (I would assume).  No responsibilities for anyone.  Do anything you like.  Oh, you're bored with your toy?  Go get another one!  Oh, you're hungry?  Go get your bag of chips or your box of sugar cereal that Santa brought you.  You want to play a video game?  Play until your eyes start twitching.  You don't want to get dressed?  I don't blame you-- I don't get dressed on Christmas Day either.
It's almost 8:30pm right now and I am sad that the day is coming to an end.  I am in heaven.
Good thing tomorrow will be more of the same.  Although I will get dressed. 
Elinor got Seasons 1 and 2 of Studio C- super clean comedy sketches that our family adores.  We've been cracking up all day.
Faith and Aliyah enjoyed this cool building structure toy.
Georgie and I playing with his Thomas trains.
Allison stayed the night with us, but Barbara came very early this morning to watch the kids open presents.
A little Just Dance for Misty to show off her Hot Mama moves! 
Matt and Misty took off to go visit her family in Southern Utah and Allison headed off to be with her family so we were left with just our family to enjoy Abe's British Fried Breakfast.  We loved having a full house, and we loved being together with just our family for the rest of the day.
He's been making this breakfast every Christmas Day since 1996.  And the great thing about eating this meal is you don't have to eat for another 36 hours.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

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Amy F. said...

Looks like so much fun! I love Abe's traditional breakfast. If you are ever in Spokane for Christmas, we'd love to try it!