Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Faith's Eight Date

Tuesday afternoon was Faith's Eight Date at Temple Square.
As we've done with Clark, Bethany, and Elinor when they turned eight, we went to the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building to the Garden Restaurant.  Faith was absolutely delightful and as per tradition, Abe got teary-eyed more than once.  If the eight dates are this emotional for him, I tremble to think what wedding days will be like!
We're still quite in disbelief that she is actually eight.
I really feel that the reason Faith always seems young for her age is that Heavenly Father has blessed us with two little girls worth of time and enjoyment for every stage she passes through.  She was born one year after we lost our daughter Tessa.  From her infancy, Faith seemed younger and seemed to grow up much slower.  It's like we've gotten to enjoy Tessa and Faith together. I've been so grateful for that gift.  She has been nothing but joy to have in our home and hearts.
After lunch we walk around the Visitor Centers at Temple Square and watch a couple of presentation/movies with the sister missionaries.
It was a beautiful, tender time with our Fay-Fay.

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Amy F. said...

She is the sweetest. What a tender post.