Wednesday, April 2, 2014

George Starts School

It is April and for the other children we are beginning to think about winding down the school year, but George was all enthusiasm as he started "school" today.
I'm in the process of ordering next year's school supplies and George's little preschool books (the same ones Faith and Cannon did) came in the mail a couple of days ago.  I planned to wait until the fall, but he was so excited and begged to "Pwease do my maff book".  It's not a math book, but I guess in his mind he sees the kids doing their math books so much and he wants in on the action.
He was so diligent-- he kept wanting to do more pages.  And he was even holding his pencil correctly--joy!  Why do some kids hold the pencil so easily and it's so much harder for others?
It is hard to believe he'll be four this summer.  
Cannon has been a very good example of happily doing his school books.  He has done so well with learning to read this year and it's been very enjoyable to work with him and see his easy progress.
And Faith has been a good example for Cannon and George.  It seems the younger kids have not only not put up any kind of fight, but have really begged and pleaded to begin their school.  I hope its because they want to be like the big kids, but I'm afraid they may see it as the route to get some attention from mom.  And they probably realize embracing school is the smarter choice, since resistance is futile.
Whatever the reason, they are great fun and I'm feeling like a pretty blessed mama.

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Kierstin said...

Ooooo!! Very encouraging post! I need to see what fun, time-tested preschool materials you ordered for your little ones. I hope we can have another homeschool lunch, curriculum-planning get-together to make educated choices for next year. Read: Help me!! You are a great mentor to me.