Saturday, May 31, 2014

School's Out!

Friday was our last official day of school-- yippee!  We woke up this morning to a Saturday with nothing on the schedule until the evening.  Clark was off on a camp out, Abe was working all day, and I didn't have enough energy to take everyone out to do anything.  So we cleaned up the house and I mustered enough energy for a trip to Target to buy our annual pool.  We hope it lasts the season-- we're sure it won't last for two seasons.
As you can see, we're big into safety-- Bethany and Elinor are the lifeguards.  Because as is printed all over the box and the pool, there is a serious risk of drowning and an adult should stay within arms reach at all times.
It's a full water park with a water slide and everything.  Sometimes they even jump off the perch where Bethany was sitting. You know, safety first.
The big fail of the day?  I forgot sunscreen.  Oops.  It's not too bad, but the three little ones do have pink shoulders this evening.
Last night the girls all tried to set up late nights with friends and no one was available.  So instead they had a sisters' party and watched a movie and slept down in the family room together.  I was happy with how it worked out:)
Bike riding is all the rage at our house right now.  Cannon is a full-fledged rider now, so he and Faith frequently ask to go on bike rides together.  We've had a hard time over the years keeping bicycle tires inflated.  I don't remember this being such a problem in my childhood growing up, but we constantly have flat tires.
This evening we went to an end-of-year Speech and Debate picnic in the park.  Elinor brought her new volleyball so she could get a little bit of practice before her summer volleyball season starts.  She's never actually played volleyball before, but has begged for many months to play.  So I signed her up for a 5 week grass volleyball season.
Faith, Cannon, and Anders.  I would guess that Faith and Anders were the brother and sister in this picture.  For the record, I know Cannon needs a haircut, but he is refusing.  "I like my curls!" he says.  So do I Cannon, so do I.
Clark found plenty of interest and willing participants for sword fighting.  Unfortunately it seems his legs were hit and he had to compete with no legs.  How unfortunate.

Did you notice the pictures were a little bit better on this post?  We purchased a camera to test out.  We may or may not keep it.  Truthfully, we hoped that by buying a new camera, it would force our old one to reappear.  That happens sometimes.

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