Monday, June 2, 2014

Our Today Show

The morning began with me drinking the super nasty sugary drink for the glucose test at my Dr.s office.  I assume it went well, I'll hear from the Dr.'s office tomorrow if it didn't.
Bethany and Elinor awoke to a rearranged and very clean room this morning.  They spent many hours yesterday working on their room "so they could enjoy their summer break and not have to worry about cleaning their room."
This was the strangest event of the day.  I received a package in the mail addressed to me from an address in Ogden.  There was no name and no note of explanation.
Here are the contents:  Letters and memorabilia from 1969-1975, the time period my dad was at BYU, on his mission, engaged to my mom, and first married.  The letters are mostly from his parents and siblings and are in pristine condition.  This would all be a wonderful package to receive but the mystery is driving me crazy!  Who sent it?  I called my dad and asked who in Ogden would have all this and why did they send it?  He had no idea.  If any extended Cannon family are reading this and you have any clues please pass them along.
Side note: The tape is addressed to Peter R. Cannon at BYU Deseret Towers S-Hall 5th floor.  I lived in S-Hall as well but on the 4th floor.
This brought joy to my heart today.  Elinor really loves to play the piano and sing along.  She's working up a number for the Fox family talent show.  I enjoyed hearing her sing so much that I happily accompanied her on the piano with some Disney songs later in the afternoon.
Blurry picture, but Cannon and his friend, Ryder were adorable to watch playing Just Dance on the Wii.  I wouldn't think boys would enjoy this as much as girls, but they were really grooving!
George was so happy to have his friend Lincoln over to play in his new pool and jump on the trampoline.
I texted Abraham this afternoon pleading for Otter Pops.  It's getting hot and I'm getting big and I love Otter Pops.  It seems a cheaper way to keep cool than setting the thermostat at 65 degrees.
He brought me a supply.  He loves me!
Cannon used his birthday money to buy a Star Wars Lego set.  He loves to have Clark help him build Legos.
Faith used her birthday money to get a Lego set as well.  She and Bethany worked on her set at the same time while we had family TV night-- Monday night is Studio C and American Ninja Warrior.  How cultured of us!  Not exactly quality Family Home Evening, but it will have to do tonight.
 George was happy to snuggle with anyone who would hold him.
It's time for me to go bed, but first I'll go check if any Otter Pops are frozen yet!

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