Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lagoon 2014

Abe took the kids to his work's Lagoon Day the Saturday after Peter's birth.


You know I love and enjoy my peeps as much or more than the next mom, but I was happy for some quiet time to snuggle my baby and catch up on some sleep.
I'm posting pics for family history's sake, but since I wasn't there I don't have a lot of commentary to share.
My loves.
George wanted to be brave and go on the haunted house ride with his daddy.
In the morning they split up and went on their own age appropriate rides, but they did some all together in the afternoon.
Mmm... overpriced amusement park ice cream.  Dad is so much nicer than mom.
 And someone has that Dad wrapped around her little finger.  I recently told him he is spoiling Faith.  Do you know how he responded?
"Yeah, I know."
You know you are getting older when the train ride is the best attraction in the whole park.

Our good friends, the Glenns were also at Lagoon on Saturday, so our kiddos had fun going on rides with friends and siblings.

At this point Abe was my hero-- taking all the kids to Lagoon, leaving me alone for a whole day with my baby.  Then on Sunday he took them all really early to Stake Conference so they could get seats because Elder Bednar was there.  And as if that wasn't enough--- he took them all away on Monday for several hours to Seven Peaks Water Park (he had gotten free tickets).

There are no words.  That is real love.  Love for his children and love for me.  Someone should write a song about that kind of love.
They came home exhausted and I felt that they had had sufficient fun to last for the next few weeks, since I will not be overseeing any fun for a while.
Best friend brothers.
And Clark, Bethany, and Elinor, you three can tease and torment one another all you want... I can see that you quite like each other as well!  No use arguing otherwise:)

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