Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Family Pictures Fall 2014

I love having nice, up-to-date family photos, but it is a lot of work.  I don't want them to look like they were a lot of work.  I want them to look natural; like this is just what we're like-- We look like this everyday.  Of course, that is nowhere near the truth.  The truth is it takes a great deal of effort to prepare for and pull off family pictures.  I'm happy to have them all done for a while and happy to have Peter in them.  Allison always does a beautiful job and this session did not disappoint.
These is my peeps.  I think they clean up real purdy.
Seventeen years and counting.  He is still my favorite person to be with.
Clark, age 15,  He's over 6 ft tall.  About 6'3" with the hair.
My goodness.  Do you feel just a little bit sorry for Abe?  I think Bethany has changed the most since our last family pictures.
Elinor has just signed a contract to be a hair model to sell shampoo and conditioner.
Not really, but she could!  She does have lovely locks.
Little Faith, the girl who never changed and never seemed to get any older, has gotten older.  It was bound to happen.  Growing up, but sweet as ever.
Cannon didn't take a bad picture in the entire session.  Talk about photogenic!  And just cool.
Does this face look like trouble to you?  There may be some truth to that.  I'll do a whole post soon dedicated just to George.  He made the funniest faces in his individual pictures.  I love my Georgie.
 And here is Peter Jesse.  He kind of causes a scene wherever he goes because of those big eyes.  Just so cute and he cannot be beat in a staring contest.
Here is another family one we liked as well.
And this one.
So many boys.  So much fun.
My daughters.
My joys.
It's really nice that Allison knows the kids so well because they feel comfortable with her.
Here's another good family one.  Allison gave us lots to work with.
This one had lighting problems, so it was never really in the running, but even still.  I think it was rather rude of Clark and Beth to purposefully sabotage this one.  Stinkers.

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Kajsa Pace said...

Wow! I am so impressed! They all turned out so good! Beautiful family :)