Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve Breakfast 2014

The Cannon Family Christmas Eve Breakfast at Aunt Jennifer and Uncle RayPaul's house in Draper is a gathering of the absolute nicest people on the planet.  I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but wow!  I love to be with them and bask in their unconditional love.  From left to right: Aunt Oakley, Rachelle, me, Jenny, Kayla, Kristen.
My favorite cousin Ben and me with our newest little ones.  He is one week younger than me and I was so, so delighted to learn that he and his wife, Cali, were expecting just a a couple weeks after us.  With so many younger cousins starting their families we're kind of the old cousins now, but I guess we've still got it!
We have lots of boy second cousins joining the family.  Kajsa holding Declin, Cali holding Kimball and Peter and me.
My grandparents, Glen and Joyce Cannon both passed away several years ago.  I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with the gospel and Jesus Christ and service--public and private-- to everyone they came in contact with, but I'd like to know exactly how they raised five children who are kind to one another without even a trace of sibling rivalry or jealousy.  They are so supportive of one another and quite the example to all of us.
Starting bottom left around the table:  Kevin, Kara, Andrew, Malachi, Clark, Abe.
When I leave this event my face almost hurts from smiling.
When Abe and I were dating we went on a double date with Aunt Michelle (pictured) and Uncle Spencer.  Honestly, she never seems to get any older and she is so supportive and fun to talk to.
And although I was not a participant, I understand their was a rocking dance party downstairs.
I'm sure at some point the family will get too big and widespread to gather at someone's house for this Christmas Eve breakfast with the entire extended Cannon family.  That will be a sad, sad day. But I hope to continue this tradition for the rest of my life with whatever level of Cannon family or Fox family we can reasonably assemble.  Three of the best hours of my life every year.

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