Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Livin' for the Weekend

Saturday found Clark and Bethany at a Speech and Debate tournament and Abe was working.  Miraculously, the five younger kids and I had nothing planned.  In an effort to encourage them to help with household chores, we called a few friends and planned a friend party for a couple of hours in the afternoon.  It can be a little loud and crazy, but it is nice to let everyone have friends over at the same time rather than drawing it out several hours over the whole day.
They all played quite well together and this was the cast picture for their play.  I was the audience and I tell you it was spectacular!

This group played a couple of fun rounds of musical chairs as well.  On the whole, I don't think people play musical chairs often enough.  People would be happier if they did.  It's a great game.
When was the last time you played? 
Elinor and Caleb made potions.  Caleb used to do robotics with Elinor and even though they are getting older and should have cooties at this point, they are still great friends and enjoy each others company.

Sunday evening was such a treat.  Not all, but much of my extended Cannon family gathered at my Aunt Jennifer's house to listen to my dad's generation reminisce and tell stories about my Grandma and Grandpa, Glen and Joyce Cannon.  There are five siblings, my dad being the oldest by six years.  All of them have such beautiful, fond memories of their parents and it was inspirational to hear how they deal with adversity, served others, and loved one another.  
It just filled me up and I felt so grateful to be a party of such a family.

Then came something totally unexpected.  Uncle RayPaul and his sons, Taz and Issac have formed a band of sorts.  They started rocking out with my very straight-laced dad and Sherriff Uncle Spencer singing leads-- and they all sounded GREAT!  It was our very own rock concert!
Okay, maybe they were a little stiff, but I'm telling you, they sounded great.  Know what else I loved?  Do you see little Georgie in the corner?  He rocked out on that guitar for about three songs straight. 
When he got too tired to stand he just went down to the ground and grooved some more.  
He only left his guitar when the mini cymbals called out to him.  He was like a little monkey with cymbals.  And I don't want to brag or anything, but the boy was spot on with the beat.  At least we know he has a sense of rhythm.  And he was so focused and stuck with it for a couple more songs.  Maybe he'll be ready for piano lessons sooner rather than later.  Or maybe we'll just go straight to cymbal lessons.
 Well, then things just got crazy. 

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