Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Contest of Fun

Abe, Clark, Bethany, and Elinor left yesterday morning for a week long cruise to the Mexican Riviera.  This trip is part of an incentive program with Abe's work-- which work he worked so hard at this year that he earned enough to completely pay for all four of them to go.
I like to think I was Abe's first choice of trip companion, but since Peter is less than six months old, he could not go.  And since Peter couldn't go, I wouldn't go.

So as it is, I am home with my four youngest children, also known as "Team Little Rascals".  We have challenged Abe and the older kids, AKA "Team Crazy Cruisers", to contest of fun.  Who will have the most fun this week?  You might think it's no contest, but The Little Rascals plan on giving The Crazy Cruisers a run for their money.

You be the judge-- here is day one and two as told in text message pictures and commentary.

 Betsy to Abe:  Team Little Rascals off on their first adventure this week--the dinosaur museum.  Love you all!
Betsy to Abe: Team Little Rascals challenges Team Larger Than Life (name later changed) to a contest of fun this week.  At the dinosaur museum.  Take that!

Betsy to Bethany:   The challenge is on like donkey kong!

Bethany to Betsy:  We are gonna kick your trash.  Just you wait!

Betsy to Bethany:  So that's how it's gonna be!

Bethany to Betsy:  Yep!  We are gonna rock this competition all the way!
Abe to Betsy:  Fun in da car
Betsy to Abe:  Fun with friends
Abe to Betsy:  Wendy's in Vegas!!  We are so ADVENTUROUS!!
Abe to Betsy:  Hyatt Hotel FUN with... Team Crazy Cruisers!! (Sorry your team name for us was shot down) LOVE YOU!!
Betsy to Abe:  Puzzle completed.  Score for The Little Rascals.
Betsy to Abe:  Storytime:)

Abe to Betsy:  Goodnight!!

Betsy to Abe:  Goodnight.  Faith is sleeping with me tonight.  We're watching Austenland.

I declare Day One goes to... Team Little Rascals!

Abe to Betsy:  The Vegas strip at six am.

Betsy to Abe:  Probably the best time to be there.  Have a good drive.

 Abe to Betsy:  LONG BEACH, California!!!

Betsy to Abe:  You win this round, Crazy Cruisers.  We'll get you next time!

Abe to Betsy:  Elinor BEING Elinor!!!
Abe to Betsy:  Crazy Cruisers in the that's fun.....on Jan. 4th!!!
Betsy to Abe:  About to leave for church to meet new teachers!!  Now that is fun!

Abe to Betsy:  That is REALLY fun, too.... and honestly I'd LOVE to be there with you, as well!!!
Abe to Betsy:  In a cab heading to the cruise ship!!

Betsy to Abe:  Awesome!! We sat with Johansens for Sacrament.  Love you all so much!  Have the best time:)

Abe to Betsy:  Tiny room for 4 Crazy Cruisers!! HUGE Adventures Ahead for 4 Crazy Cruisers!!

Betsy to Abe:  Should be fun to get ready in the morning.
Abe to Betsy:  Hawaiian Clark-a hooky (his Hawaiian nickname since he was a baby).

If I'm being honest, I have to give Day Two to the Crazy Cruisers.  
They are out at sea now and I we probably won't have a lot of reception for the week.  As it stands we are tied at one to one.  Stay tuned for more!

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Amy F. said...

Love this! Your older 3 are lucky kids!! Also, how did Clark-a-huki (hooky?) get so big?!! I still treasure that Hawaii trip. We were little newlywed families.