Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Sick Little Rascals

This will definitely affect the contest of fun. 
Colds and coughs have kept us home bound and unable to do most of the fun activities we had planned while Abe and the big kids were away.  George was coughing so much yesterday I took him and Peter to the doctor.  George got a prescription for an inhaler-- like Clark, I think he has cold induced asthma. 
Even so, we have had a very wonderful time together and we've made our own fun at home.  Before Faith came down with sickness today, she created "Baby Care" yesterday.  Her rates were very reasonable and her business was very professional (note the walkie-talkie).
I have missed my big girls helping out with Peter, but Faith as definitely done her share of helping this week.
I have found that Peter really likes the backpack.  I can get all sorts of things done while I tote him around-- namely, making meals.  But here's the great thing about it for me--- Peter gives me head and neck massages.  See below.
It really is quite relaxing.
We spent lots of time reading books and watching movies.  When the big kids are home and we're doing school and business as usual, I really try to make time to still read aloud to the little kids, but it can be challenging.  I think what I have enjoyed most this week is the time to do whatever we feel like doing.  
With the bigger kids around, understandably, we need to take our school work more seriously.  And with so many different schedules, we need to run a fairly tight ship to get everything done and get people where they need to be.  We can't just do whatever we feel like each day.  This week has been like traveling back in time to when Clark, Bethany, and Elinor were young and Faith was a baby.-- only I get to have all the experience of having already raised little kids.  I have been so relaxed and patient and I have enjoyed being able to really enjoy these little ones.   I can't wait to hear all about the cruise and The Crazy Cruisers adventures, but this week has been priceless to me.

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Abe Fox said...

I LOVE YOU and I LOVE those sweet littler people SO MUCH!!
My heart is ACHING to be with you tomorrow night!!!