Sunday, January 17, 2016

Making Good on a Promise

Faith really works hard at her gymnastics and for about three years we have talked about going to a gymnastics meet at the University of Utah to see the Red Rocks.  They are one of the best gymnastics team in the country and Faith has really wanted to go see them.  Last year I promised her we'd go and then it didn't work out and there was grave disappointment.  
 When we realized their opening meet was against our very own BYU Cougars, I knew we HAD to go.  We took TRAX and made a night of it.  Of all crazy things, my aunt and cousin wound up sitting right in front of us.  We hadn't planned it at all.  Can you believe over 15,000 people went to a gymnastics meet?
Faith got this jacket she is wearing for Christmas and she has worn it just about every waking moment of since then.  That is good because it probably cost more than all the rest of her wardrobe combined.

It was pretty fun to have a night with Faith all to myself!

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Amy F. said...

Cute little gymnast! It is fun to watch a sport you love and have something to aspire to!