Sunday, January 17, 2016

Too Much Family Excitement

The beautiful gal is Abe's youngest sister.  Since Christmas we've enjoyed getting to see her and her beautiful children much more than we have for many years.  The circumstances under which we are spending so much time together isn't very happy, as she is in the process of divorcing an abusive husband. It's been quite sad and scary at times.  In the last three weeks, Abe and other brothers have made a couple of trips up to Rexburg, Idaho where they were living, to help her to safety and to get moved.  She's amazing and we are so proud of her for doing such a hard thing and taking care of her children. 
Elinor and Bethany went up with Abe and Marjorie to help her pack up.  This is Annie, Elinor's older cousin (if you can believe that!) who came down from Spokane with her dad, Jesse and Grandpa Fox.  The packing up on Monday went well, and the plan was to head out in the different directions on Tuesday.  Sadly, Grandpa Fox (Abe's dad) suffered a stroke Monday evening.  He spent the next four and a half days in the hospital in Rexburg.  Fortunately, he will be okay and with some therapy, should return to full functioning within a few months.  We feel very grateful it wasn't worse, but while Abe and the girls and Marjorie did come home on Tuesday, Jesse, Annie and Grandpa's trip was extended much longer than planned. 
There's been so much going on in the Fox family over the past month, most of which hasn't been very good.  But one thing that has been wonderful is to see and feel the support of a loving family who are concerned for one another and happy to sacrifice their time to take care of each other. 
While they were gone, we watched Marjorie's two youngest, Brigham and Phoebe, at our house.  That a lot of little boys playing trains together.   I will admit, I definitely missed my big girls!  They are amazing helpers. 
Although Faith almost made up for their absence.  Faith was Phoebe's special friend and took such good care of her.  Quite the little mother.  We'll have the kids again for a couple of days this week, but I'll have a few more helpers around, so I think we'll be just fine.

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Amy F. said...

Bless you for taking such good care of Marjorie and the kids and giving up Abe, Bethany and Elinor to help!!