Sunday, March 20, 2016


We I'm not quite sure how we made this work, but we did it and it's done and we're glad we did it.
With the exception of Clark, George, and Peter, we were all in Brigadoon with Bluffdale City Arts. 
Since January, the kids have had rehearsals Friday afternoons, the girls have had dance rehearsals Friday night, and Abe, Bethany, Elinor, and I have had rehearsals Thursday nights.  It's not really a huge time commitment until the last week. 
Bethany with her good friend Victoria. 
The last week is Monday thru Saturday 6-10 pm.  That makes for a wild week trying to keep up with school (which we don't), keep up with meal preparation (not that either), keep up with laundry (not even close) and get enough sleep (I WISH!).  It throws the whole family way out of balance. 

Is it worth it?  I think so.  The thing I love the most about doing these plays together is the family bonding time.  The working all together towards the same goal.  The shared memories.  Brigadoon is now a part of our family's culture.  We know the same songs.  We experienced the same trauma of waiting until the absolute last minute for the costumes to be ready.  We understand the same jokes.  We know the same people. 
With a couple of exceptions I don't think our family is particularly talented in the theater.  Most of us are background ensemble material (maybe I just speak for myself).  But I suppose in community theater that doesn't matter too much. 
Bethany and Clark can't wait for the teen production this summer.  We aren't sure what it will be, but they are hoping for Bye, Bye, Birdie.
One of the braver things Abe and I have ever attempted was bringing Peter to the school with us each night this week.  To be truthful, it wasn't pleasant for either him or us.  But Clark was gone with robotics or work and no one else was home.  We couldn't afford a babysitter every night.  So he hung out in the gym with us and Abe and I took turns trying to keep him happy.
This evening (Sunday) he was quite contented to get to go to bed at his regular time, instead of 11:30 at night.  
I do appreciate that Abe goes along with my sometimes crazy ideas.  We really don't have time or energy for such activities, but he was supportive nonetheless.
And I really appreciated getting to see these great legs in a kilt every night!  He's a great sport!

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