Sunday, March 20, 2016

FIRST Robotics Competition Utah Regional 2016

Thursday was the start of the Utah Regional.  The team was feeling quite optimistic about their robot and their odd of doing well.  There were no rounds of actual competition on Thursday, rather just practice rounds.
Friday morning Abe headed over to the Maverick Center early to catch the first couple of qualification matches before he needed to be at work.  The first two (of 12) matches were stellar.  The robot was in fine form and they were ranked first.
Sadly, their good fortune was not to hold out.  Throughout the next day and a half, if something could go wrong with the robot, it did.  They ended qualification matches in 7th place out of 38 teams.  Still respectable, but not what they had hoped or expected.  Out of 8 alliances in the finals, we were the 3rd ranked alliance.
Fortunately, they are competing again this weekend in Colorado, so they have another shot at qualifying for a spot at the World Competition on St. Louis.
Of course I hope they do well and earn that invite to St. Louis, but honestly, Clark benefits so much from being a part of this team that win or lose, I couldn't be more pleased with his experience.
 Saturday afternoon we loved having so much support come out for Clark.  Grandma and Grandpa Cannon, an uncle, and aunt, cousins, some priests from his priest quorum and his Young Men's president.  Clark wished the robot had performed better for its audience.
George wasn't so concerned with who won or lost-- he was just happy to be back collecting buttons from all the teams.  I quote him, "This is just like trick-or-treating!"
When visiting the pits (where they robots hang out when they aren't competing), you must wear safety glasses.  Peter did not love his glasses.
Oh, the torture of safety glasses!  
Actually, you want to talk torture?  Friday I brought Peter along with us and it was not enjoyable.  I wised up for Saturday and paid a babysitter.  Best $25 I ever spent.

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