Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cannon's Eight Date

Saturday was Cannon's 8th birthday and his 8 Date!  Like we have done with the four older kids, it was just him and us for a nice meal at The Garden Restaurant and a visit to temple square.  It's a chance for us to enjoy each child and their unique personality. 
As usual, Cannon entertained us throughout the day.
He enjoyed his fancy meal, which he deemed very French. 
It wasn't actually French, but he's listened to his share of Fancy Nancy, so I think he equates fancy stuff with being French.
He is a joy to me.
His French roll.
The funny thing about this particular 8 date was I could hardly get a word in edgewise.  Both Abe and Cannon have the gift of gab and they were in fine form on Saturday.  It was a little challenging at times when they were both trying to have conversations with me at the same time.  It was hard to keep up.  I adore that they have so many similarities in their personalities.
While we were downtown we visited Andrea's new high rise condo and Cannon tested out the beautiful piano with the beautiful view.
 We are looking forward to his baptism day on Saturday.  As we await the arrival of our baby girl in July, I can't help wondering what she'll be like.  Of course, it's fun to think  about what she'll look like, but even more, who is she?  What will her gifts and talents be?  How will she shape our family?  What is her personality-- more in the feisty side or the sweet? 
When Cannon born 8 years ago, we were in the thick of what felt like fairly significant family challenges.  It wasn't really an opportune time to take on the challenge of another child.  I am so grateful we moved forward in faith and were open to another child, because Cannon has been responsible for so many smiles and so much laughter in our home.  He was so bright and social from the very beginning.  He is generous and forgiving and cheerful.  I am thankful everyday for his spirit in our home.
Cannon may most resemble my side of the family (he has a very distinct Cannon man look), but he is Abe's son through and through.  How lucky for me to be with them throughout eternity.

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