Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fly Like an Eagle

Happy Day!  Clark had his Eagle Court of Honor this past week.  It happened to be just a couple of days before Cannon's 8th birthday, so he was so happy to wear his spiffy new Cub Scout uniform.
I must give all credit to Abe (and other leaders) for helping Clark along this path.  I have hopes and intentions of being more involved with the younger boys, but for whatever reason, Abe was really the one working with and motivating Clark.
It was a double court of honor for Clark and Bryson.  They have been in scouting together all along and are good friends, so it was only fitting that they be honored together.
Clark gave out three mentor pins-- Ryan Butterfield has been a long time young men's leader who also happened to conduct Clark's baptism right when we first moved into the ward almost nine years ago.  Keith Schramm is Clark's robotics coach and Adrianne has been key in Prototype X as well as Clark's PiPod days with FLL.  I am so thankful for their influence and the time they have invested in mentoring Clark.
D&D club guys.  I quite like them all.
Prototype X guys.  I quite like them too.
Proud parent moment.  Although I confess to feeling somewhat unworthy of receiving the mother pin.  I did however keep him fed and clothed and educated in many other ways over the years.  So although, I may not be instrumental in scouting.  I will still wear my pin with pride. 

This was the musical number the kids performed.
Clark display table of things about him.
It was a lovely evening and amazingly, I didn't cry!  What's the matter with me?    

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