Sunday, May 29, 2016

No Bueno

Do you recognize this?  If you are a man or have never given birth, you might not.
It is the super sugary, nasty drink you drink around 28 weeks of pregnancy to screen for gestational diabetes (A type of diabetes that goes away as soon as you deliver).  You drink it and they draw your blood an hour later.
Well... I failed it.
The next step is to take a three hour test involving a drink with twice as much glucose and four blood draws over three hours while otherwise fasting.  No bueno.
But I called my Dr. office and plead my case.  I hadn't failed the one hour by very much and I thought maybe it was a fluke.  I bet I could pass it a second time.  Please give me another chance before the three hour test.
That was stupid on my part, because I failed it even worse the second time.
So back in I went for the three hour horror test.
It wasn't actually that bad and I just barely didn't pass it.  By like two points!  Blah.
Better safe than sorry I suppose, so last week I went to a diabetes class and have been testing my blood sugars four times a day ever since.  As far as the testing goes, it really isn't that bad and it does give me some peace of mind knowing I'm being a good girl.
The eating portion has been a little trickier, but as long as I eat a good amount of protein with a reasonable (small) amount of carbohydrates, I've kept things very much under control.
Hopefully, this won't be a sign of things to come later in life, but it is a good reminder to eat healthier and lay off the gummy bears.
It has however, derailed my dreams of slurpees and otter pops all summer.

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