Monday, June 13, 2016

Cannon's Baptism Weekend

Saturday, June 4th, 2016 was a day I have looked forward to for about eight and half years.  Cannon was baptized by his older brother Clark.  
When I was pregnant with Cannon and we found out he was a boy, you can imagine how happy Clark was.  Clark had FOUR sisters in a row-- Bethany, Elinor, Tessa, and Faith.  He was beyond thrilled!  Abe quickly realized that Clark would be old enough (16) to baptize Cannon.  It is something we have prayed and hoped for.  And it was, indeed, a beautiful day.
Fox cousin, James, also came down from Portland, Oregon to do a double cousin baptism.  James had a baby sister blessed the same day, as well.  
Grandpa James Fox baptized grandson James Fox. 
This picture makes me feel very grateful to the blessings of the gospel.  In particular, the path of ordinances that Heavenly Father has given us to guide us back to live with him again.  I am so thankful for wonderful days like this where the blessings are so obvious and abundant. 
James' parents, Stuart and Tiffany, have a large family.  We have a large family.  So it was exciting getting everyone where they needed to be and everything set up for the lunch afterwards, but it worked!
We enjoyed a really nice lunch at our church building afterwards.  Here we have Grandpa and Grandma Cannon, Eli, Laura, Chip, and Chloe.
Grandpa Fox, Daniel, Katie, Simon, Edra, Marjorie, and Phil.
Cannon, Anders, Steve, McKinley, Adrianne, Tanner, Zach, Dave, Jennilyn, and Bella.  
Hallie, Delaney, Lauryn, Bethany, Lindsey, and Kyli.
Calvin, Simon, Jake, Ryan, Mason, Jadan, Parker.
Peter, George, Enoch, Ben, Michelle, Rachel, Kara, Jenn, and Katelyn.
Emma, Faith, and Jacob.
Tiffany found these adorable CTR cookies that I hear were quite yummy.
There was plenty of food and treats to go around.  
Love.  Love.  Love.
The next day Stuart and Tiffany came to church with us and afterwards we enjoyed a lunch of leftovers.  The kids played games and generally kept the peace.  It was quite lovely.  
You know what else was lovely that day?  I got released from my 2 1/2 year calling as Relief Society president.  With a new baby coming in July, it was a good thing.
Cannon and James were feeling very clever switching their suit jackets.
Later that evening, Grandpa Fox and Marjorie came over to for a little musical exhibition time.  The kids played their recital songs and Marjorie sang one of her beautiful belting Broadway tunes.  She is amazing! 
We are now over the half way point of children getting baptized!  Time flies.

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oakley said...

What a wonderful time you all had together! I especially love your children's happy faces. There's nothing better than special days like one son being able and worthy to baptize another:). We love you❤️