Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Going Home and Greta Mania

Clark was a little hesitant to hold her right off, and I could be mistaken, but I believe Clark has found quite a soft spot for her already.
It's like having a little Clark and Bethany all over again.  Peter was so excited about Greta-- not much for words (we're working on that) there was much excitement from Peter.  He is so very interested in her and whenever she does her little birdie squawk cry, Peter is quite to notify us.
It's fun to think about how close they are in age (23 months) and what adventures and games they'll share with each other.
The campers returned around 1:00 on Friday and Elinor finally got to meet Greta.
By Friday morning she was starting to resemble Faith a little more.  When she was first born I thought she looked like Cannon.
Allison snapped this picture on Saturday.  I like it.
I LOVE this little outfit-- I call it her Jane Austen Regency Era gown.  
Now I'm just going to post a ridiculous number of pictures of this very loved baby.  It's okay if you need to leave.
This was during church on Sunday.  The whole family was gone and it was just Greta and I at home.  Or were we in heaven?  It's hard to tell the difference.
How this little one will love her older sisters!
 My heart can only take so much.
This is Bethany's photo shoot with Greta.
Maybe Greta has had enough?

What is it about newborns that make them look like wise old people?
Have I mentioned how glorious it is to have so many helpers?  
And THIS girl?  Faith is magical with Greta!  She holds her and snuggles her and is my #1 helper.
A couple people have mentioned that she's smaller in person than she appears in pictures.  

For comparison, this is how she looks in her car seat.  
One more hair picture. 

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