Wednesday, July 20, 2016

One Week Old

Today Greta is one week old and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of sitting and cuddling her sweetness.  I don't really have intentions of doing much different this week.  The rest of the family, although they love her too, have carried on with summer festivities.
Monday night Elinor's orthodontist had a patient appreciation evening at Cowabunga Bay (local water park).  We got some free tickets and a few deeply discounted, so the gang (or most of them) could go have a fun evening.  My brother's wife goes to the same orthodontist, and his family joined in the fun as well.  Actually, they are the reason it worked out for our kids to go.  Abe joined them later, but Chip and Laura came and took everyone in our mega van.  Many thanks to them!
They had a great time and I got to stay home ALONE with Greta.  Talk about WIN/WIN.
Some sort of dance party-- Cannon is in the blue shorts on the right and cousin Kaylee is in black on the left.
Saturday evening Abe and the girls went downtown for a welcome home for Elder Flynn who returned from a mission to the Philippines.  
I really enjoy my time recovering from having a baby.  I'm not really in any kind of rush to return to normal life, and yet, I feel SO MUCH better than I did when I was pregnant, that I do have to remind myself to take it easy and make sure I rest and recover.  
That being said, I probably overdid it on Tuesday.  In a desire take the kids out for something fun to do,  we dropped Bethany off at Drivers Ed, and we made a little stop at the Southtowne Expo Center.  Abe was working there so it was fun to say hi to him, but we went to go see the floats on display that will be in the Days of 47 parade on Saturday.
I'm glad we went, but I was very glad to get back to the safety of my home.  
This evening Abe, Bethany, Greta and I went to Walmart.  Once again, probably mentally good for me to venture out here and there, but I'm so happy to get back home.
Clark is a part of a production of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.  The shows are coming up Aug.4-6.  He spent a couple of days this week helping build set pieces.  Here he is working on constructing desks that he measured and cut and put together.  I was so impressed!  I hear girls like guys with carpentering skills.
Here are a couple of the finished products.  You can come see Clark perform and see his desks live on stage!
 We are being very well taken care of after Greta's birth.  This was my favorite thing... a container full of watermelon just for me!
Team Little Kids, which has recently been upgraded to Team Middle Kids, made bank last weekend with a little lemonade stand.  They do sell Winder Farms lemonade, which is very tasty.  Maybe word has spread.
 They were in such demand they were even holding up traffic.
Faith and Cannon both qualified to the All County Championship track meet on Saturday in the event of shot put.  Kind of fun.  I don't foresee any kind of long term interest in the shot put, but an interesting experience just before the Olympics.
 Faith's attempt.
Cannon's attempt.
George went to the store this week to spend his birthday money from Grandma Fox.  A yo-yo and remote control car were his choices.  He was so excited.
 Peter had his follow-up appointment with the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor today.  Good news!  His ears were clear and the audiologist tested his hearing which was perfectly normal now!! Happy Dance!
He is making noticeable progress with his sounds and communication.  That is to say, the progress is very noticeable to us.  It may take a while yet, but we are very hopeful that understandable verbal communication is in his not too distant future.  
Nothing make a baby grow up faster than having a younger sibling.  You know it's coming, but it is always shocking just how big the toddler seems when you bring a newborn home.  Overall, Peter has done very well with Greta. 
Brother time in the backyard in the sprinklers this afternoon.
I am so glad they have each other.  I'm glad my girls have each other.  With so many children it is impossible to feel like I am in control of very much.  I pray a lot to know how to interact with each child.  I pray to know what their needs are and to keep my priorities straight and know where to focus my energies.  Heavenly Father answers and directs me, but I also depend a great deal on each of them to help take care of and nurture one another.  Cannon's interactions with Peter matter.  Elinor helping George matters, Faith holding Greta matters.  I often feel my efforts are important in managing the family, but I do not carry the whole weight of raising each child.  Obviously, Abe is a critical key as their father, but we work together as a family and taking care of each other.  

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Kajsa Pace said...

Congrats on sweet baby Greta! Glad you are getting some rest and are feeling well. You guys have some pretty cute kids!