Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Primary Pioneer Parade 2016

Faith is in orange and George is just behind her in the red striped shirt.  For several years now, our Primary hosts a darling Pioneer Day (or around that day) neighborhood parade and then we all meet at the park for treats and playing afterwards.  It is so simple, but the kids really look forward to it and it's a summer highlight.
Cannon was so happy to get to wear his scout shirt and help be a flag carrier.  The Bishop leads the parade in his cool dune buggy (is that what it's called?)
Much to his disappointment, Abe had to work Thursday evening, so I invited Naomi (our English auntie) to join me.  I was grateful for her company and her help with kiddos. 
 Elinor mentioned to me the other day how she thought it would be fun to experience moving.  Not that she didn't like our house or neighborhood, but she just wondered what it would be like to move. 
I told her how funny it was that she, who has pretty much lived in the same place since could remember would wonder what it's like to move.  And as a kid I, moving around all the time, always wondered what it would be like to stay in the same place and know the same people for years and years. 
I didn't mind moving around as a kid, and in many ways I really liked it and was happy for the experiences of living in different places.  But as I look at this picture and think about how long we've known these cute kiddos, I am thankful to be more settled and get to see them grow up. 
Cooling off with a bottle of water.  The heat lately has been OPPRESSIVE!  Supposedly, this isn't quite a record breaking year for days over 100 degrees in July, but it has been HOT.  I enjoy my nightly neighborhood walk-about at about 8:30 pm.  During the day it might as well be winter, in that kids really can't go play outside.  Outdoor play has to wait for the cooler evening hours.

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