Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Very Good Weekend

This weekend was a highlight of the summer for Clark and a couple of his good friends-- Jacob and Ben.  They were all a part of a really fun production of How To Succeed in Business Without Trying.  It is not my favorite play, but their Bluffdale Arts production was really fantastic and fun.  Clark enjoys these plays so much, and I enjoy seeing him enjoy himself so much.
He liked wearing a goatee to play the part of Mr. Ovington.
This production was quite edited, so it was probably the cleanest version of this play you'd ever see.
Clark with his biggest fans.
Abe's sister Marjorie, who is quite the musical theater connoisseur, came on Saturday evening and took some great pictures. 
After breaking down the set and cleaning up and then the cast party, Clark had a very late night (early morning) last night. 
It is really hard to please everyone.  This afternoon I gave all the boys, (including Abe) haircuts.  I always cut their hair.  I don't think I always do a good job.  I have had absolutely no formal training.  I've had very little youtube training.  I really shouldn't be cutting anyone's hair.  But it would cost about $60 every month or two to cut all their hair and that seems outrageous to me.  So I do it myself.
And lately I've been noticing haircuts on boys and men and I wanted to try something a little different on my menfolk.
My efforts were not well received by everyone.  Clark refused to be photographed.
Abe mocked me by wearing the sun glasses and pulling faces for an hour.  I think he was channeling Tom Cruise's Maverick or Val Kilmer's Iceman in Top Gun.
I told him he was overreacting, that the haircut really wasn't that extreme or different.  But let us remember that not everyone embraces change.  Even a slight haircut change.
I think he looks nice. 
Okay, I must tell the truth.  I was inspired to give all these haircuts by the U.S. men's gymnastics team.  Their hairstyles are a little more extreme, but all very similar.  I suppose these haircuts are an ode to the Olympics.
 Cutie little George
I love happy pictures of Peter. 
She didn't get a haircut today, but my goodness!  She is so calm and pleasant.  I can't get enough of holding her and loving her.  She and I did venture out to Sacrament meeting this morning, but then retreated to the calm and safety of home while everyone else stayed at church. 
I'm not going to lie... it was lovely.
Yesterday we went to the baptism of William, Abe's nephew.  It was quite an adventure for us without Abe (he was working), but we made it and enjoyed the time with extended Fox family.
After the baptism and lunch at Mary's parent's home in Bountiful, Baden and Mary and Marjorie came to hang out at our home that evening.  Since we missed the Fox family reunion, it was nice to get a little family time.  Marjorie went to Clark's play with Abe, but Mary and I talked long into the evening and it was so enjoyable.

Have I mentioned how happy and excited I am that the Olympics are upon us?  It is glorious.
Let me describe a couple of hours of my life this afternoon.  I sat on the couch snuggling my baby as she slept on my chest.  Abe was so kind as to give me a heavenly foot rub.  My whole family was together watching Olympics.  And as if all that wasn't too much goodness to handle, I ate some Cadbury chocolate that Naomi brought me from England.  My mind almost exploded with such pleasures.
I know every day cannot be filled in a like manner, but to think I have almost two weeks of Olympics left (and plenty of chocolate!)

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