Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pete and Gret

Peter's nursery teachers have noticed that he is beginning to say more words.
He loves, loves, loves Greta.  I think he has a very large spirit trapped in a very little body.
He loves to eat peanut butter.  He HATES new clothes.
We attended a cousin's baptism yesterday and I was holding Peter during the opening song, "I am a Child of God".  Happiest moment was Peter laying is head on my shoulder and "singing" the entire first verse in a little whisper sing--moving his voice up and down and even getting some of the consonants and vowel sounds.  Might not seem like much, but it was much!  It did my heart so much good.   It was a big boost to my at-times-weary soul to remind me of who he really is and that he really is, in fact, making progress.  And he asks for hugs and gives kisses lately as well.
Watching Star Trek with his Daddy.  Peter loves to listen to Abe read him the newspaper.  It calms him down when he's upset. 
When you know it's the last of your babies, moments like this are extra treasured.
But when they are this sweet... maybe they aren't the last baby.
Kidding.  Probably.
Okay, yes, she is the end of the line, but oh, she is so scrumptious!
Why are little boys drawn to screens like a moth to the flame?  It is a pretty cute picture, though.
This is a picture of a gathering of part of Elinor's speech and debate class last evening.  Elinor is usually content to be at home reading or working on projects she enjoys.  She has some very good friends she enjoys very much, but she also ends up staying home and keeping an eye on younger siblings quite a bit when I need to run errands or attend children's activities that we don't want to take Peter to.  She doesn't complain and doesn't seem to mind.  
But earlier this week I got to feeling a little guilty for asking as much of her as I do.  I called her as I was out running an errand and told her how much I appreciated her willingness and helpfulness.  I told her I'd checked the calendar and we didn't have anything happening Saturday night, so she was welcome to invite some friends over and I would provide popcorn and candy canes.  
This seemed to me to be an easy way to assuage my guilt.  But bless her heart, she immediately responded with such gushing gratitude-- like I was doing the nicest, most generous thing ever for her.  I can't seem to get out of her debt. 
She is so good.  I am a lucky mamma.
And lots of the class came and they had a grand time playing games and watching Elf.

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