Sunday, February 12, 2017

February Happenings

While Peter was sequestered upstairs with his sickness this week, life continued downstairs.  We hosted our kids book club for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Not really a kid's book, and most of the group didn't get all the way through it.  I can't really blame them, and if I wasn't hosting the club, I don't know that we would have persevered all the way through.  But we made it.  And today, while we are all convalescing at home, we are watching the old Disney movie.  
It is so marvelous to have book club on a sunny day in February.  
Want to hear good news?  We're almost half way through February.
Shooting at innocent sea creatures for one of our activities.
Cute sisters of a few of the Cub Scouts in our ward at the Blue and Gold banquet this week.  I am a den leader for the Wolves and Abe just got put in as Cub Master.  I guess with three little boys ages 2-8, we're likely going to have a good long run in Cub Scouts.
Since Abe no longer has Young Mens' on Wednesday evenings, he and I and Greta took a little trip downtown to check out the progress on Prototype X's robot for FRC.  It always feels so adventurous going down into the sub-basement of the Leonardo museum.  
The oldest and the youngest.  They quite like each other.
The yellow plastic shield is for eye protection when they are welding.  
Elinor was overcome with joy this week to be invited to be a programming intern for the last couple of weeks of the FRC build season.  The current programmers are both seniors and it will be good for Elinor to start learning what she hopes to be doing next year.  
SHE LOVED IT!  She came home on cloud nine, like she had found her true calling.  
Yesterday was a very long day with the FIRST Lego League State Championship, but Clark's day wasn't done when we got home.  He gussied up and went to the high school sweethearts dance with a gal named Annie.  She looked stunning! and I loved her dress!
Clark said it was a lot of fun and they looked great together.
I think he's due for a nap this afternoon.  Let's all take a nap this afternoon.
My sister's second child, Brigham, was baptized last weekend.  It was nice to be together and especially nice to have my dad and Bev come into town for the event.  They are back up in Washington for a few more weeks helping with my brother's family.  

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