Tuesday, February 28, 2017

This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You

A couple of weeks back was a "Red Out" gymnastics meet up at the University of Utah.  This means everyone was encouraged to wear red to the big rivalry meet against UCLA.
Now you may know that I am an alumni of BYU, a school not known for the friendliest of relations with the University of Utah.  What was a girl to do?
Faith wanted a shirt with a U logo.  I could handle that.
I've been told red is a good color for me.  Fine.  I will wear red, but I couldn't wear the logo.
I will say that it was a super fun, exciting evening with my girl.   We cheered our little hearts out.  I even stood up, clapped along, and yelled "Go Utes!" at the end of the fight song (as per Faith's request).  What is happening to me?  It's just that these gymnasts are INCREDIBLE!  And I do love me some gymnastics!
For the record,  I did not purchase the flag.  It was free.
I may or may not have waved it.
We did a little ice pack test on Faith's arm to test for a "cold allergy".   Sure enough, her arm turned into a giant hive.  Can you live in Utah if you're allergic to the cold?

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