Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Girl and Her Chickens

I am woman enough to admit when I am wrong.
I didn't think Elinor really wanted chickens.  I didn't think she would take care of them.  I thought her interest would pass. We were not very sensitive about her love of chickens.  We made rubber chicken jokes.
But would you believe that over a year later, all four birds have survived and, dare I say, thrived!  They lay us eggs every day.
Last night Abe and Elinor clipped the chickens' wings in the hopes of keeping them better contained in their chicken enclosure area.  I like the birds as well, but I don't want free roaming chickens all over the backyard.
By the way, doesn't Elinor look ADORBS in her new glasses!
Peter really likes the chickens too, but he was very concerned we were breaking their wings.  Do not be concerned, no chicken was injured or felt any pain in the clipping of their wings.
I do not mean to make a mockery at all, but we went to Thanksgiving Point Gardens today and there was Christ with chickens!  I can't remember which scripture was attached to this beautiful sculpture, but Christ was with the chickens... Elinor HAD to have a picture.
We just love this girl and her chickens.

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