Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sweet and Silly

A happy moment with Peter behind the wheel.
He said a five word sentence this week!!!  "Mom said no show on!"  He repeated it over and over again.  His favorite show is Octonauts on Netflix.  He watches it and then assigns family members to be certain characters.  He is always Captain Barnacles-- the Polar Bear.  He decided Elinor was the bunny and Bethany was the doggy.
Bethany derives too much teasing pleasure from telling Peter she wants to be the Bunny.
Peter yells, "NO! Elinor bunny!"  This goes on for quite some time.
Why did I tell you all of that?  I don't know.
George clipped the string of this old cassette tape.  Cannon sniffed it and said it smelled like the 80's.  What do the 80's even smell like?  And how would he know?  He's 8.
Peter loves to play hide and seek with his siblings.  He always hides in the same place and when he is found he yells, "SEEK AGAIN!"  This means he stays right where he is and the seeker pretends to look for him again.  And when found he yells, "SEEK AGAIN!"
You get the idea.  It is surprisingly entertaining on both sides.  This goes on for quite some time.
Bethany plays a character she calls "Grandma Lou".  She is hysterical.  And actually, she's quite good.
We recently acquired this magnificent baby play area for Greta.  She is rather content to play in it, but the important thing is keeping her safe from little Lego pieces on the floor.  I can keep a small area safe and clean... the whole floor of the family room is much more daunting.
The oldest and youngest.  There are some very real challenges to having such a spread in ages of children.  0-17.  But this picture shows the advantages.  These two adore one another.  I've never seen Clark so taken with a baby and I've never seen Greta so happy with a man holding her.  She will actually willingly leave my arms to go to his.
Both of their faces light up when they see each other.
And speaking of love of the baby... Cannon sacrificed his shirt to baby snot.  It didn't light up his face, but it did move him to quickly change his shirt.
Sometimes Peter likes to a big boy, but he's still a pretty cute baby sometimes as well.
These three were first in line for dinner the other night.
What...?  Doesn't everyone have their kids get in line for dishing up dinner?  Sometimes its just too hard to set the table.
George building spaceships and living the Lego Life!
George building a robot out of trash.  Please note the one-handed glove.  This fashion statement has been going on for over a year.  I don't think it's just a phase.  But why?  I don't know.
A recent picture of Peter (in green sweater) in nursery singing "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam".  Well now, that's just cute.

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