Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tulip Festival 2017

I adore my peeps.  I adore spring break.  I adore tulips.  I adore a sunny day.  Can I just do today over and over and over again.
I know it doesn't work that way.  And I know that with out the hard times, you can't appreciate days like today.
I used to be afraid to fully enjoy a good, beautiful, practically perfect day like today, for fear that tomorrow everything might go wrong.  I finally understood that with that attitude, I would never get to be happy.  I would suffer through the hard times and I would suffer through the good times.  So, I am celebrating what today was-- a really, truly, lovely, enjoyable day with the people I love the very most in the world.  That way, when the hard times come, I'll have happy memories to look back on.
We went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point, which is one of my most favorite annual activities we do.  It just makes me feel so happy.
 We decided to go today rather spur of the moment.  I'd been out doing my morning walk and it was so, so beautiful outside that I knew I needed more sunshine.  We might have been able to go later, but we couldn't have better weather than today.
Yes, Abe does need a pair of sunglasses.
The Italian Garden is one of the most impressive and one of our favorites.  Cannon and Clark.  Did you know I have Clark grandparent's (maternal) and Cannon grandparent's (paternal)?  Sometimes I'm still amazed that my idea to have sons named Cannon and Clark actually worked.
I feel quite blessed to have experienced three little girls together, and now three little boys.  They are equally delightful.
I have yet to have my romantic date to the Tulip Festival with just my husband.  Maybe this will be the year.  Fingers crossed.
Abe is a good, good daddy.
Speaking of my girls...I am in heaven.
The Living Christ garden is beyond magnificent.  Paying a visit to Thanksgiving Point Gardens is worth it for this garden alone.  Today, for the first time, we saw the First Vision sculptures.  They were breathtaking.  It was very special to go here the week of Easter.
My joys.
Well... the kids and the Slurpees.

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