Monday, May 8, 2017

Superheroes Are Not Interesting

Greta, the little German baby!
This little dress was mine when I was a baby and my family lived in Germany.
Also, this was Greta's first day with a little hair do.  Oh, we enjoy her so much!
Yesterday we enjoyed a fun family dinner at my sister's house to celebrate our dad's 66th birthday.  These gals busted out my favorite childhood game-- "Mall Madness".  Kind of funny, since nowadays I loathe everything about the mall.
I also loved the game "Girl Talk".  Does anyone else remember that game?  I just remember that if you missed a question you had to put on red sticker fake zits.  Who thought that up?
The conversation in the picture was Clark giving Grandpa a report on his recent trip to Houston for the robotics competition.  I liked that conversation.
Unfortunately, I have recently been witness, on several separate occasions, to people discussing super nauseam!  Marvel vs. DC?  Avengers vs. Justice League?  Who would win in a battle between Spiderman and Flash?  Bat Girl vs. Wonder Woman?
WHO CARES?  NOT ME!  Seriously.  None of them are real.  Am I the only one that thinks Enough with the superheroes!  What is the matter with me?  Why do they not interest me at all?  Do I lack imagination?
You know what does interest me?  An outdoor symphony in a gorgeous setting on a beautiful spring evening.
Real people with real super talents!
Bethany's final concert of the year at Thanksgiving Point.  It was so wonderful.  Remember a little while back-- I took Peter and Greta to a choir concert for Faith and Cannon.  Mistake.
You'd think I would have learned my lesson and left them home.  But no.  We brought the littles along and that did put a bit of a damper on the evening.  Even so, it was lovely and next time I'll know better.
Here is a picture of our Bethany during a rehearsal before they got changed into their concert black.
They may not appreciate it now, but someday the children might be grateful their father chased them around like the paparazzi.
Happy baby, happy daddy!
We had some time to walk through the gardens before the show.  I am no gardener.  Maybe someday, but I can't get over how much I enjoy walking through the beautiful landscaping.  It even smells so good.
Cannon and George had their dance pictures on Saturday.
The prices for the professional pictures seemed outrageous to me.  So I snapped a few myself and that will have to do.
Word on the street is there is no smiling for hip hop pictures.  You're supposed to be cool.  The fact that I even just said that means I am not cool.  The fact that I don't care that I'm not cool might just make me cool.  Oooh.
Dinner out with friends to celebrate a birthday (Andrea's).  That is of interest to me.  Good conversation, tasty vittles.   I adore sweet potato fries.  Who is with me?
Also, when taking a group picture at a table, it's sad for the people closest to the camera.  It's just not possible to get flattering angles.
It would help if I didn't eat so many sweet potato fries.
Another item of interest to me?  Wrapping up another excellent year of kid's book club with a family poetry recitation night at the library and a picnic dinner in the park.  Mostly it was the younger kids who recited poems for us to enjoy and they were absolutely adorable.  My heart is full of gratitude for the good people in this picture.
Also, the nice weather.  How glorious the sun and warmth is after a long cold winter.

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