Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

The kids just keep growing up.  It's better than the alternative, but it's shocking nonetheless.  Meeting at Wasatch Lawns at 9:00 AM on Memorial Day is a treasured moment of the year.
Gathering under the big shady tree to hear some family history stories.
Cannon, Faith, Kaylee, and George
Likely our last Memorial Day with everyone at home.
Oldest and youngest sisters.
I love this picture of Kaylee shushing Chloe.  So loving.
At the grave sites of Marie Larsen Richards and James Franklin Richards (my dad's grandparents).
We went down to Provo this year to find the grave sites of my great-grandparents on my mom's side-- Herald Ray and Mable Hone Clark.  Here's a picture with just a few of their descendants.
We took the kids to go see the building at BYU named after him.
And we went to get lunch at the Cougareat on BYU campus.  Not much was open, but between Subway and Chick-Fil-A, we made it work.
On our way home we stopped by Abe's sister's home in Orem to meet her very-soon-to-be husband.   The cousins got a kick out of testing the limits of this poor, put-upon see-saw.
We loved having a relaxing back yard cook-out with the Butterfields Monday evening.  In my opinion, summer evenings outdoors with friends are as good as it gets.
Faith and Kate
Jake and Cannon
Robo Rally is the game Cannon requested for his birthday.
It was a very full, and save a little temper tantrum I had at lunch because I was hangry, a very rewarding Memorial Day 2017.