Sunday, June 25, 2017

Out and About

Saturday morning Elinor had a swim meet.  It is such a treat to go to a child's event without everybody in tow.  I just took the smallest and tallest of my girls.  Not that we don't love to all go places together, but we do make rather a scene when we're all out and about.  
It was exciting to see Elinor come in first place in the 50 freestyle and 50 breaststroke.  
Elinor is in the lane closest to the bottom.
I love the summer outdoor swim meets!  So much nicer than the super humid, super crowded indoor meets the rest of the year.  And this meet in West Jordan was pretty small and they really moved it along quickly.  Almost too quickly, Elinor had very little time to recover in between races.  
There's really no "good" time for church with a baby.  Greta is usually in need of a nap during church and Abe is often out with her during Primary time when I'm doing singing time.  I like to see the results of his little Greta photo shoots.  Greta continues to delight us all.  She only fusses if she is tired or hungry.  That is more than I can say for myself.
Our Wolf Den in Cub Scouts took a little hike along the canal behind our neighborhood this week.  It occurs to me that perhaps we should have taken the No Trespassing sign more seriously.  
Whatever.  The canal road seemed at least a couple of steps closer to nature than our paved neighborhood roads.
Our den isn't really this big, but between siblings and sons of leaders, we make a good size crew.
Clark and Thyrgie (that's Jakob's nickname) and Cannon and Evan went lizard hunting/hiking last week.  Their spoils?  Two snakes and 8 lizards.  Not bad for a morning's work.  These lizards may or not be sold on the black lizard market.  I know nothing of such things.  If anyone asks me anything I will say, "Oh, I didn't know there was a market for black lizards!"
Thursday afternoon I took George down to Thanksgiving Point when I took Cannon to ballet.  Once again, one-on-one time is a delicacy in our family.   
During the first week of Cannon's ballet workshop he asked if we could have signed up for a three week workshop, because some of the kids were doing three weeks.  I said no, and assured him that this was only a two week workshop.  He asked if I was sure.
Of course I'm sure!  I take scheduling my calendar very seriously! 
At the end of the two weeks he said, "Mom, I am sure this is a three week workshop.  I asked the teachers".  
Hmm, I'd better check and make sure.  Sure enough, he has a THIRD week of ballet this week.  How did I miss that?  Two and half hours of ballet/contemporary, four days a week for three weeks!  Good thing he really likes it!  It does concern me that I missed something that big.
We took a picture of his turned out, pointed toes.  Too bad the only thing that is actually in focus in the picture is my messy family room floor.  
In other exciting news--- week of potty training has gone as least as well as could have been reasonably hoped for.  Tinkles are going well.  Poopies?  Not so much.  Tomorrow is another day.
Peter's love of the color green is increasing.  Now he prefers only green clothing, green cups, green straws, green plates, and green shoes.  He corrected the 7-11 clerk when she complimented his bright blue eyes.  "No!  Me have geen eyes!"

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