Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer Keeps Us Hopping

Faith is doing a summer track and field program and here she is doing the long jump.  Awesome picture credit goes to Abe.  He always takes far better pictures than I take-- for which I am grateful.
Pretty good form!  Faith never seems to run out of energy.  If you zoom in on her you can see her fierce determination.  One of my favorite of Faith's characteristics.  She's a gem.
Faith scored a Slurpee twice this week.  Once with Abe after her track meet and once with me after she successfully landed her standing back tuck at gymnastics.
Faith with a neighborhood friend who is also running this summer.
FACT:  I am a worrywart and it makes me nervous to have the children sleeping outside on the trampoline without the protection of a room over their heads.  
FORTUNATE FACT:  Abe is more reasonable than me and he lets them despite my irrational worries.  He understands, better than I do, that children must have sleep outs during the summer.
Elinor and her friend Bekah are doing Mind Riot at the Leonardo over the next three days.  They hop on TRAX in the morning and spend the day learning and collaborating.  Today was the first day and they loved it.
Bekah came and hung out at our house into the evening while her family was at a track meet.  They were social entrepreneurs by day and master bakers by night.  They were making various cakes in mugs.  
Elinor was particularly pleased with their meringue.  
There has been a lot of driving around this week.  A LOT.  I forget how busy summer is with everyone's different schedules and activities.  All good things we really enjoy-- just very full.
Peter's not much for taking naps in his bed these days, so a peaceful nap in the car is a treasured thing.
These sleeping pictures were all taken at the same time.  George was with Abe and the littles were with me. 

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