Friday, July 7, 2017

Happy 18th Birthday, Clark

Clark turned 18 this week.  WOW!  They say the days are long and the years are short.  They say you hold your baby and blink your eyes and they are all grown up.
True that.

In very typical Clark fashion, he took matters into his own hands and planned his birthday celebration.  In the morning was hiking with Tanner and then a five hour space camp with these guys and two cousins who are going to BYU.
I missed his company on his birthday, but I love that he knew what he wanted to do and he made it happen.  I expect Clark will make a lot of good things happen in his life.
Perhaps not the best lighting, but I guess this picture proves you're never too old for space camp.
I think from now on every post will have some picture of Clark and Greta together.  I can't help it.  I don't want to help it.  It has made my heart so happy to see them together.
I am grateful for the relationship Clark has with his little brothers.  I am thankful to have had the privilege of raising Clark and learning from him.  I am thankful for the good example he has been to his siblings.  He is passionate and creative and driven and determined and honest and smart and dependable and clever and good.  
Happy 18th birthday, Clark!

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