Friday, January 14, 2011

My Man-Child

Meet my eldest child-- "The Gnome Boy".
He is also a very talented Duplo Castle builder. 
He is very good at entertaining younger children.
He is now an expert on Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans.  (Notice the pile of books on the floor). 
He's into astronomy.
He's into Lewis and Clark.
He draws maps of imaginary countries.
He cooks delicious scrambled eggs.
He has remarkable powers of memorization.
He's learning to play Viva La Vida on the piano.
He has great friends and enjoys their company. 
He loves to be home in the company of his family.
He loves to be by himself.
He reads the funnies in the newspaper every morning--unless he decides to get a head start on his school work-- then he'll skip the funnies and go straight to spelling.
His pet snake, Ledge, is alive and well.  Several people call him if they have reptile questions. 
He kills spiders for his Mama.

I hope my Man-Child gets to go on a great adventure someday.  
He's a big kid with a giant soul.
I love you, Clark.


Mothership said...

What a great post. We love our oldest boys, don't we? My heart aches at this growing up business, while at the same time, I am thrilled with it.

I hope he has a grand adventure, too. But not something along the "Endurance" lines. If he doesn't know that story, have him look it up. He would love it!

Abe Fox said...

When I saw Faith in the picture with Clark and reminded me of a story-time-creature from my childhood. She looks very much like a Zipperump-a-zoo from "Professor Wormbog in Search for the Zipperump-a-zoo".....a classic.