Saturday, February 25, 2012

i Spy

I haven't posted for a little while because I've been spending my usual blogging time in the evenings preparing for today.

Elinor's Nine Year Old Spy Birthday Party.  The soon-to-be spies arrived promptly and dressed all in black-- for security reasons, of course.
They were taken deeper into the spy training center where they each received their spy kit.
Inside was a notebook, pen, glasses, cell phone, and watch.  It also contained a welcome letter with their code name written in code.  They used the attached master code breaker sheet to decipher their code using one of the five codes.  They had to figure out which code would work for their name.  Once they cracked their code name they received their official special agent badge.
From left to right by code name:  Striker, Shadow, Crusher, Commander Q (Abe), Stretch (Faith, Sherlock, Pacer (Bethany), Skinner (Cannon), Mask, Hunter, Maverick (Elinor), Laser (cousin Gentri), Blade, Femme (me), and Razor.  Then they were ready for the next phase of training. 
Laser avoidance.
It could be done successfully, but it was very challenging.  There were those who underestimated the difficulty and they suffered laser burns to severed limbs.
Pacer (AKA:  Bethany) was one of the few to make it through unscathed.
Skinner (AKA: Cannon) was little, but that didn't help him too much.
Next up:  Bomb detection.
 Two different teams took turns finding the hidden bomb somewhere in the house.
Master Spy Commander Q was in charge of training this elite team. 
The next phase was weapons accuracy and as Commander Q's assistant I prepared this magnificent cross-hairs pinata for them as a moving target.
Unfortunately our trainees were too powerful and it was quickly knocked to the ground and we couldn't string it back up.  So we improvised.  That's what good spies have to do, you know.
Swing around and take a whack at a ball in midair.  It worked.
Time to be sworn in as full-fledged special agents of the CIA.
Things I love about this picture:
Cannon saluting in the front row.
Elinor and Gentri looking at each other and laughing.  These two were eating it up.
The kid with the Civil War hat.  Why not wear your Civil War hat to spy training?
Immediately upon finishing the swearing in, Commander Q received an urgent message---- THE BIRTHDAY PRESENTS HAD BEEN STOLEN!  And hidden within one of the presents were secret jet plane plans.  There were two suspects-- rogue special agents in cahoots with the other side--- Viper and Covert (AKA:  Clark and his friend Taylor)
There was grave concern.  They listened carefully to get the details.
"How can this be happening at my birthday party???"
Some coded messages led them to the mailbox where they found evidence of the stolen presents and learned that they needed to go to the park to apprehend Viper and Covert.
And apprehend them they did.  And tackle them and pulverize them.
Commander Q told the spies to search Viper's and Covert's pockets, where they found more clues to decode.  The last code proved that Viper and Covert were innocent, and had been set up-- framed by Commander Q.  In a rage, the spies ran home to confront Q. 
He admitted his guilt, but said HE would have the last laugh-- he had activated the bomb and they would all be toast unless Maverick (AKA: Elinor) could figure out how to deactivate it. 
Thank goodness she did.  Red to red, green to green, yellow to yellow.
In desperation Commander Q threw himself into the red hot lasers and in his dying breath he told the agents where the birthday presents were hidden-- in his bedroom.
Time to celebrate their success and sing to the Spy of the Day!
As darling a group of children as there is anywhere on the planet!
Happy birthday, Elinor!  She is a girl with varied interests.
She was thrilled with the spy watch and the invisible ink/light pens.  She LOVES her nerf guns and super sturdy, 3-setting flash light. 
But she was equally ecstatic over the pillow pet, cooking supplies, nail polish and jammies.
Talk about well rounded.
And we love her to pieces!!!!


camfox said...

You guys are WAY too cool.
How very fun. I really think you guys are awesome. What a party! She'll never forget it, nor will her lucky friends. Way to go all out!

A few years ago, Sadie asked Santa for a black shirt, black pants, socks, shoes, and gloves so she could be a spy. That's what Santa gave her.

She was wearing her all black spy outfit the day they took pictures for Student of the month :)

Gabrielle Kim said...

Happy Birthday Adorable Elinor!!!

What an awesome party! Betsy - there should be an award for best party planning mother of the year!

Kierstin said...

Awesome party. I am glad I can see the pictures because now I know what Asia was talking about. Now all my kids want to have a spy party. Asia has been walking around in the house all weekend with her spy glasses and note pad. Happy B-day Elinor!

Inspiration Station said...

We just did a spy training party for our boy's club last week. What great ideas! Wished I could have used some of yours. So fun!

Afton said...

Thanks for this great post. I'm doing a spy birthday party for my son in a couple of weeks and your blog has been a life saver. Thanks!