Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sibling Love

Oh, look!  Cute little boys with their backpacks headed to school.  What?  Has Betsy come to her senses and sent her children to school?

No.  No plans for sending anyone to school.  This was Cannon and George with their backpacks all packed with snacks and coloring books for the five hour swim meet on Saturday.

I didn't take any pictures of the swimmers because I suppose I was too busy entertaining the little people.
Clark's Teachers Quorum at church have spent the last several months building kayaks for their high adventure that's coming up later this week.  They each brought them home to paint over the weekend.  This is the design Clark came up with.  The kayak has been tested out in the local canal and it does float, so I'm sure he'll have fun.
Here's what really made my day today.
I've been planning to start teaching Cannon to read as soon as we start school later this month.  We had some time this afternoon and decided to start a couple weeks early.  I didn't know what to expect from him.  I knew he knew his letters thanks to Leap Frog's Letter Factory (can't recommend it highly enough), but I also knew that that doesn't necessarily translate into ease in reading.  I wouldn't say any of my children (thus far) have picked up reading super easily.  And although I have truly enjoyed teaching them to read, we have had to work at it.  But Cannon opened up those little books and just got it.  He read the first three books to me today and then was so proud to get to read them to his daddy this evening.
 And honest to goodness, I thought my heart was going to melt looking at the two of them.  I find them both to be so handsome and incredibly charismatic.  I had to take a picture to remember the moment.
After snapping that last picture my heart was so full that I went to take a picture of cute little Georgie in his bed.  Oh, what a lucky mama!
Now, where are my other little angel children?
  Oh, yes.  There they are-- yelling and wrestling over who gets the brownies in the kitchen.
  What darlings.
Do you remember this as kids?  Just getting completely silly late at night.
It is almost 100% guaranteed to end in real violence and/or tears.  But it is unbelievably fun in the moment and pretty much impossible to stop.  Until it ends in tears.
Miraculously this encounter was tear-free and injury-free.  I suppose this was their way of preparing for the separation during Clark's kayaking trip.

And perhaps that explains why Clark has been teasing his siblings ad nauseum this week.  Today I had had enough.
He asked to do his computer time.  HA!  I'll tell you what, Clark.  You write me a list of 10 reasons why you should not tease your siblings and I'll let you do your computer time.
I will share his list for posterity's sake.  Quite frankly, it's brilliant.  Absolutely correct and thorough. 

Why I Shouldn't Tease My Siblings

1.  Would I like to be teased that way?... No.

2.  It could leave a lasting effect on them.

3.  It weakens relationships.

4.  Not a good habit to have.

5.  It bugs Mom.

6.  Even if what I'm teasing about is true, it doesn't need to be said.

7.  It's not nice.

8.  I'm hurting myself in the long run.

9.  I need to be an example, not a problem.

10.  I can't be close to my siblings if I tease.

This proves that I am doing my job of teaching, and he completely understands proper behavior.  Now, why he will not implement this behavior, I do not know.  Other than the fact that he is a 14 year old boy.  Perhaps no other reason is needed. 

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