Friday, April 3, 2015

Phoenix Day One

We made it to Phoenix Wednesday evening and Thursday was a day to recuperate.
The kids did a lot of this.
And this.
And this.
And hanging out in the hotel playing games and watching movies.   It was lovely and quite needed after three days straight of national parks.
The kids and I love a good Slurpee on a hot day.  It's not really hot here, but definitely warmer than back home.  Abe has never been a Slurpee lover, but I think it's only because of a lack of exposure.  Abe is so kind-- when I said I wanted a Slurpee he was a good sport and found us a 7-11 to get Slurpees for the gang. 
Wednesday was not a competition day, rather it was a lot of practice rounds.  There's not much to see and cheer for, but we were anxious to get our first taste of the Arizona West Regional, so we headed over to the arena for a bit.   I don't know why I am wrestling George in this picture.  And I just noticed the photo bombers in the yellow shirts.  You know, I've never photo bombed a picture.  I have a new goal on this trip.
 Pictures will be our only memories of Clark in Phoenix.  He stays in a hotel room with team members.  He's in the pit all day long.  The team meets for long into the evening doing research and scouting the other teams.  He's up and off to the arena with the team before we even get up.  It will be nice to chat with him on the drive home.
Life is the "pits" for Clark.
It has been so nice to have this time with Abe on this trip.  At home we get so occupied with our different responsibilities that I don't always remember how much I enjoy his company and appreciate all the thoughtful things he does for me and the kids.
As another proof that he and I make a good match- as we were driving through the Grand Canyon, we were snacking on gummy bears.  I felt that I was really lucky in continuing to pull out handfuls of mostly red and white gummy bears--my favorite flavors.
The next day I learned Abe had been going through and picking out all the orange and yellow ones-- the flavors he likes.  Greens are neutral for both of us.
You know you've found a keeper when you find the one who prefers the gummy bear flavors you avoid.  I love Abe for many reasons better than that, but I do love that about him. 

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