Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Easter Bunny Never Had It So Good

We did our Easter Bunny celebration a week early, before we left for Phoenix.  I absolutely adore Elinor's Easter Bunny hors d'oeuvres (I did have too look up that spelling).  I see that Cannon, Faith and George went for a mixed salad.
I know some of them are getting a little old for this, but they are good children who humor their parents.  We all gather in the parents' room before going down together.  Not that anyone is going to be terribly surprised.  The Easter Bunny sticks to tradition in our house.
Chocolate eggs hidden all over the living room and books from the bunny.
Cannon got "The Day the Crayons Quit" -- a book we had gotten from the library and quite liked.  Elinor and Bethany got the Books of Bayern by Shannon Hale.
We just discovered the Pigeon books.  Pretty funny.
Bethany was quick to read it to George.
Clark got his Tolkien books in scripture form.  That is to say, they are compact and in beautiful leather bindings.  I do think he values the scriptures above The Lord of the Rings, but they are probably a close second.
Peter Rabbit for Peter at Easter!  This will be one of my favorite baby pictures of Peter.
Okay, I really like this one, too.  This is my absolute favorite baby age! 
Faith wanted an American Girl book like her big sisters.  The books on the piano are a series of math books the Easter Bunny brought for school.  The Easter Bunny cares about their education. 


Schramm Family said...

Love! We did not recognize easter in any way this year... or last year... Oh, wait... Hayden and Kate did a small egg hunt at grandmas a couple of days ago. We have the Sir Cumference books and enjoy them :)

Amy F. said...

I love your book tradition! I also enjoyed the pictures of Easter Peter and his books. How clever!